Another site redo (Ghost > Hugo)

It was two years ago since I made my last website update. I moved the site from a custom hosted Wordpress framework over to Ghost. I was and still am interested in full stack javascript solutions. It was no lack of the platform for not keeping things updated, I just didn’t have time to post. I plan to change that this year, with a new an improved website stack built on Hugo with a solid open source based devops toolchain.

Building on the last website update, my focuses are:

  • Standards Based Markup/Content
    • Better Semantic Markup
    • Follow WCAG 2.0 AA Guidlines
  • Better DevOps
    • Github
    • Travis-ci
    • Accessabilty Testing
    • Branch based Deployments
  • Even Lighter and Faster
    • Static files built with Gulp and Hugo
    • No JQuery
    • No Bootstrap
    • Javascript not required

These are just a few areas of improvement. Keep an eye on the sites stack page for a full listing of what makes the new site run.




Test Staticman comment with Markdown!


Comments still working on :)

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