Funny IT Voicemail, ""That Projector Stinks

Voicemail from the entertainment capitol of the world
Photo by -Duchamp-

This is a classic-

-Matt, Hi it-s Rob. I wanted to give you an update on the power point projector that we loaned out. We haven-t used it yet, and there is a reason. Um- Before, we were going to use it for a client presentation, we had a supplier come in and borrow it to present some of his own things to us- and the stink in the room was so bad, we thought it was the guy. Today we tried the power point- lcd projector again and it is the projector. Matt, I don-t know what it is, but the- ventilation of this projector is blowing out a stink like BO like you would not believe. We can-t even sit in same room with it. So I just wanted to give you a heads up. I don-t know what is wrong with it, but I can-t see anyone being able to use it- for a presentation. You might want to look into maybe cleaning the filter or something on that thing. That was it, thanks bye.-

This is a real voice mail I received a couple of years ago when I was an IT Manager for a media buying company.


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