The Ultimate USB *Key* Drive - Lacie iamaKey 8GB

I have always been a fan of portable storage. However, most -portable- devices just aren-t well- portable. You think you will carry them around, but end up leaving them behind. When I first saw the Laci IamaKey, I knew it would be different. I tried the ultra secure route with an IronKey, but it is too bulky and so secure- I ended up locking myself out (don-t ask).

Get one for yourself:

  • Tags along with something I already carry and keep track of, my keys- never leave home without them.
  • Plenty of space to include a live CD and all of the diagnostic utilities you could ever need.
  • Reasonably Priced for such a unique flash drive.
  • So far the construction and materials seems very durable.


  • Not the fastest flash drive at 26 mb/s Read and 16 mb/s Write
  • Doesn-t have hardware level encryption (wishful thinking), but nothing TrueCrypt can-t take care of.


I would highly recommend this to anyone that wants to have a flash drive with them all the time. I have been carrying the drive for about two weeks now and it-s been great. I have actually found that I am using flash storage more because it is so convenient. Stay tuned for what I loaded it up with-

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