Thank you Microsoft, Vista SP1 is Nice!

Windows Vista SP1 Complete

I just installed Windows Vista SP1 and so far have noticed quite a performance improvement. Nothing scientific here- just -click of the mouse- impressions. But everything seems more responsive and smooth. One tangible difference is network file transfers. While moving files, pre-SP1 to a network drive I would get consistently 25mb/sec. Now the same transfer is moving along at 32mb/sec. Again, nothing concrete, but that is a 28% improvement. This is just one of the notable changes in SP1.

I have always enjoyed vista. There are a lot of XP die hards out there, understandably not wanting to upgrade. I built a new computer when I migrated to vista, so I didn-t feel the impact as much. The benefits have been great; environment is pleasurable and reliability has been top notch. I picture the trade offs like this-. sure windows 98se was faster than XP on the same hardware . It-s only natural that XPsp2 will be faster than Vista on the same hardware. Every OS has it-s issue, even the prim and proper Apple got slammed for Leopard bugs. Change always brings new issues, but it also bring good.

I have to thank Microsoft for this service pack. Yes, I know- they technically fixed something that was -broken-. But, it isn-t often that you see this noticeable of a performance gain without upgrading hardware or bumping your vcore.

Installation was flawless, 32 minutes on my system. (i twitter-logged it)

I downloaded the stand-alone update via MSDN. Microsoft is expected to push the release date up to late February as apposed to mid March. If you wait for automatic updates to kick in, you won-t get it until mid April.

I am quite happy.

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