Terminal Velocity Pentax Optio S6

Lucky Lightning Shot

I learned two very valuable lesson today-

1.) Don’t rush sending electronics airborne
2.) When attaching anything to a RC Plane, make sure it-s on there good.

I had so much fun the other day taking the video with my soarstar, I rushed out there today and look what I did-

The last time, I attached the camera on top of the wing, in the center facing forward. It worked well, but I noticed after the flight, I was blocking the air flow to the motor and it got pretty hot. So- I figured I would try attaching it under the wing, facing down to hopefully get better footage and not overheat the motor. Everything worked great. I took it waaayyy up there almost so I could tell the orientation of the plane. As I was descending I got impatient and did a dive. I have done this before, but not with a camera strapped to the plane. When I pulled back, it took longer than usual to level out. As it leveled out I noticed a little black dot falling from the plane crap, it was the camera. I followed it to the ground and watched it bounce about 20 feet back into the air. It ran to were it fell, about 50 yards for some reason hoping it would be ok, lol. It was destroyed, and I didn’t even capture the fall, because it shorted out and didn’t save anything to the memory card. I guess that is the end of the my aerial video for awhile. So if you ever find the urge to strap a camera to an airplane, take your time and make sure it on there good.



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