Swans HiVi - M10 Speakers

Well, I finally replaced my workhorse Boston Acoustic BA4800. After much research, I decided on the recently released Swans M10?s. I was looking for studio quality sound on a budget. I looked at Mackies, M-Audio and several other 2.1 systems. I really wanted a two speaker system, but could not find anything with excellent sound quality at a pro-sumer price. The sweat spot for bottom-end studio quality monitors is about $300. So I decided to look at higher-end 2.1 systems and ran right into these M10?s.

After a week of listening, these speakers definitely fit the bill. The imaging and balance is amazing. I had never heard of Swans or the new holding company HiVi. They have built their reputation with the slightly more expensive M200 model. From what I understand; what they lack in customer support, they more than make up for in build and sound quality. So far I have not had to use their customer support channels, but I have been thoroughly enjoying listening to these speakers. The sound is truly amazing.
Swans HiVi M10 Speakers Swans HiVi M10 Speakers
Swans HiVi M10 Speakers Swans HiVi M10 Speakers


  • Build Quality - These things are solid.
  • Sound Quality - They are not true monitors, but have a balanced and for the most part accurate sound. If you are looking for big boomy bass, these are not the speakers. If you like Jazz, you are in for a treat.
  • Packaging - First class packing all the way. They even come in cloth bags, to protect them from scratches.
  • Interface - The back of the speaker has RCA connections for easy speaker extensions and stereo hookups. They include a stereo RCA to 3.5 mm Minijack plug.


  • Volume control on sub-woofer - This is not necessarily a negative if the speakers are used as intended.


If you are looking for a close range desktop speaker system, these are a great option. The highs are amazingly crisp, the mids are nicely filled in and the lows are adequate and pronounced.



Agreed, these speakers are great.


Hey where can I purchase these from Canada?
Great Review by the way

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