Remote Control Extender, convert your IR remote to RF.

Are you sick of playing target practice with your remote controls?

I tried several -remote control extenders-. Most of them relayed the infrared signal from one room to another. You still had to point the remote at the sensor and in most cases aim it. When I stumbled across the Next Generation Remote Control Extender I was skeptical. -You put the what where?- Yes- you put a Radio Frequency (RF) transmitter in place of one of the batteries in your Infrared (IR) remote. Don-t ask me how the thing works, but it transmits the signal to the odd looking receiver in the other room. At first I thought the receiver was battery powered. But it comes with an AC Adapter and actually charges the second smaller battery that powers the transmitter. This way you always have a battery ready to go, brilliant.

I am currently using Microsoft-s Media Center Remote Control and Keyboard with it and that they both work WAY better. I was on the verge or replacing the keyboard because you really had to point it to have fluid mouse movements. Now both remotes work on command and flawless in any room in my house!

Infrared to RF ConverterInfrared to RF Converter 2

Infrared to RF Converter Details

  • Super easy to setup.
  • Works like any RF remote, no direct line of sight required, thought walls - up to 100? away
  • 433.92 MHz - seems like a good frequency with little or no perceived interference.


  • I have heard it doesn-t work with all remotes, but it has worked with ever one I have tried.
  • Battery doesn-t last long with one battery remotes.


The technology and engineering behind this device is award winning. It does exactly what it claims to do, convert almost any IR remote to RF. I have been using it for about a month with great success!

Get yours here:



Hi Mr.Matt,
Did it work when you stick the IR eye (supplied with Next generation RF extender)to the MCE receiver or did you point the spaceship directly at the MCE receiver.?


@VP - The IR eyeball did work, but not that well. I just put the spaceship and the media center receiver next to each other in the back of my cabinet. The RF signal travels are as far as I need it to.


Still working great! A technician was out today to fix a cable signal issue and gave me some "cool points" for the converter. He said, "I am definitely going to get one". My video card couldn't take the 1920x1080 heat and fried, until the new card comes in, I am stuck with my xbox360 extender and the cable boxes.

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