Pet Fish Archive

I have had pet fish on and off ever since I can remember. I don-t currently have fish, but can-t wait to setup another tank. Here are some of my recent tanks.

Three Red Belly Piranhas

I started these fish in a 20 gallon long aquarium while I was waiting for the biomass to build in the 55 gallon. They were the size of a quarter when I bought them. They eventually outgrew the 55 gallon and I had to return them to the fish store. They were a lot of fun, but also a lot of work.

Red Belly Piranhas

Here is a short video of them at I think about a year old.

First Saltwater Tank

This tank was started with a variety of damsels and later the home for a maroon clown, coral beauty and a crab.

Fist Saltwater Tank

Scooby the Guppy

This fish was amazing, she lived to be one and a half years old! She started her life as a feeder fish for my red belly piranhas. She found a comfortable hiding spot between one of the logs and a plant and managed to survive for almost a month. She deserved a home of her own. I moved her into a 5 gallon tank where she somehow managed to give birth to 5 babies! This was truely a miracle fish. She ultimately died of natural causes.

Scooby the Guppy



How did your piranhas outgrow the tank?
Where three piranhas really that big?
What were their size when you decided to return them?

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