Old Technology Meets New (XBox HD DVD > Asus Eee)

Asus Eee XP install with external xbox 360 HD-DVD

Just as the news that the Microsoft Xbox 360 external HD DVD drive was declared extinct, I found a use for it: load up my new Asus Eee with Windows XP. It is hopefully the last OS that has to be loaded from an optical drive and lets not forget about the F6 floppy driver loading routine (thankfully not needed for the Eee).

I was going to use a Bytecc IDE to USB with an old drive I had laying around. But why not let this already defunct technology marvel go out with a bang. It worked great.

Anyway, I loaded up the Eee with an nlite-ed version of XP for a mere 480mb footprint. I followed this great tutorial over at i64X.com, thanks Jason!

My first impressions of the Asus Eee are very good. I am finding all sorts of uses for it. I already voided the Newegg warranty by installing a gig of Geil RAM, we-ll see about voiding the Asus warranty and installing some hardware hacks (maybe GPS, bluetooth and 3G?). I promise, this isn-t going to turn into a Eee blog, but I will have more on it soon. This thing is amazing!


Alvin Ashcraft

Neato. I'd like to check out an Eee sometime. I just got an HD DVD drive for my 360 for my b-day now that they're obsolete. I did manage to get a token for the HD DVD Emulator software from MS before they ran out, so maybe I'll use it to play around with that stuff.

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