RC Plane Hanger

RC Airplanes

Here is a overview of the planes I have been flying. More details to come-

Soarstar Electric ARF by Super Flying Models
*This is my first real plane. It was a great trainer
for both the build process and flight.

Yak 54F by E-flite (Quique Somenzini designed)
eFlite Yak 54F
*This is my first plane with ailerons, it flies great. 20-20 Hacker
Style motor, 25amp Towpro ESC, 3S 1300 Lipos

Slowfly plans by Sloper Steve
Slofly Scratchbuilt Foamie
This is my first scratch built. I am currently building
another and will post details.


G Wells

Hello Mr Matt, that`s quite a collection of park flyers you have there. Who taught you how to fly or did you teach yourself?
I fly RC too and I find the park flyers to be the most fun because you can fly them everywhere.
G Wells


Thanks :) I taught myself flying on FS One flight simulator. I have also been through a few of the Slofly plains, they are quite crash resistant.

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