Honda Slow Window Syndrome (HSWS)

If you are a early generation Honda automobile owner and your power window needs -help- rolling up, you may be a victim of HSWS (honda slow window syndrome). Don-t worry you aren-t alone, may people around the world face the same annoying and sometimes embarrassing problem.

Almost all early generation Hondas have one problem in common- slow power windows. Rolling them down isn-t usually the problem, it-s closing them up. They screech to a halt (errrr) and often need physical help to seal them up. If you are like me, you probably think that the motor is just weak and needs replacing. If you have waited until your window stops- this probably is the case. However, if they still move- there may be a fix.

Recently my wife-s -99 Honda Civic-s driver side window just about called it caputs. After a $200+ dealer quote, I decided to take matters in my own hands. It doesn-t pay to just replace the motor. The module comes with the regulator, motor and wiring harness. I found a good after market source selling them for under $60 shipped. The installation was pretty easy. The only problem I ran into was that the replacement motor mount was looking for nuts instead of a bolts. I just hacked off the plastic and threads from the OEM motor mount and used them as nuts. Once I had everything put back together I was excited to give the new motor a try. Bummer- again, rolling it down was not problem- but rolling it up was still slow. The only culprit left is friction. Duh!

I took some spray white lithium grease and covered the window tracks and slowly but surely things started to speed up. After about 4 cycles, things were back to what I would consider normal. The new regulator and motor definitely helped, but ultimately the track needed lubrication. It seems like a routine grease application to the window tracks may prevent HSWS. So if your windows are getting slow- start treatment today.

Stephen's desk has both white lithium grease and lotion on it. Interesting. Photo by -commondream-

Banner Photo by -ph0rk-

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