Getting Started With RC Airplanes

I have always been a fan of radio control; cars, robots, computers now planes. As a child I had several RC Cars that were a bunch of fun. At the time airplanes were too expensive and the technology was not all that great. I had left RC altogether for the past 10 years or so.

Recently my Dad sent me an AirHogs Aero Ace and boy I am glad he did. They are a ton of fun. You can get them at WalMart or Target for $30. Without a doubt the best toy for the price. They have a 2-axis controler for throttle and lef-right. There are two small motors setup in a push configuration. The throttle controls the prop speed and the left-right governs the speed to allow it to pitch side to side. They fly great and take a lot of abuse. Here are some pictures:

AirHogs AeroAce AirHogs Aero Ace Pic 2
As you can see it can take some abuse. The plane itself charges from the 4 AA batteries in the transmitter. It is an amazing use of technology. More to follow.


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