CSS Naked Day

CSS Nake Day 08

No my site isn-t broken-

Today I am observing CSS Naked Day to help promote web standards. Not that I am completely compliant, but who really is when you have browsers that don-t want to play nice.

The topic of CSS for me always brings up the great debate of CSS vs tables. You will notice that I use a mixture on this site. That is because I absolutely hate absolute positioning in css. Another thing (that is gone with no css) are my sprites. They are great to cut down on requests and improve site performance. Here is what you are missing:

MrMatt57.org Sprites

Now that I am looking at my site without css, maybe we should start an advertising naked day to show how cool our sites would be without them.

Fore more reading take a look at: What are web standards and why should I use them?

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