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I know this contradicts my recent anti-printer/paper post- I found myself needing small pieces of paper with my social coordinates on them. I tried offering to beam a vCard. Don-t ask me why- it just isn-t socially acceptable or in most cases even possible. So, I needed some cards.

I spent quite a bit of effort researching different styles and formats. There are some amazing custom cards out there. I didn-t want to break the bank or wait six months to have them made. I did want something unique and fun. I found the perfect thing; MOO cards. Apparently they have been all the rage in Europe and among trendy start-ups. I couldn-t help giving them a try.

The entire MOO card experience was first class all the way. It started at the website. The interface was clean, easy to understand and simple to use. You can import your pictures from Flickr or upload them one at a time. For twenty dollars you get 100 cards and each card can be unique. The only downside is that they are currently only printed in Europe. Standard shipping to the US costs seven dollars and take a couple of weeks. Once they arrived, I was delighted with the quality. The paper weight and print finish compliment the format nicely. They are packed in a hefty plastic box (made from post-consumer material) and the marketing material is pure genius.

If you find yourself needing or maybe even wanting these little pieces of paper, give MOO cards a try.

-The business card is the single most successful networking tool of all time, predating cellphones, the internet, and PDAs by some 300 years. Not bad for a bit of paper.-
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