Looking Back on 2016

Looking back on 2016, it was a good year. Here are some of my highlights.

  • Family
    • Homeshooling officially started
    • Swim lessons and Little Ninja’s
    • Family BBQ
    • Visit at the River House
    • Two nephews on the way!
  • Work
    • Helped promote modern software development practices within the governement with 18f and the Department of Labor. Github repo.
  • Fishing
    • Went on a Father and Son trip to Dale Hollow with my Dad.
    • Ignited the passion in my oldest son with several day trips to Liberty. He’s after the big one!
    • Caught my personal best Largemouth Bass 7lbs, 23”! (Liberty Reservior, 14 oz white, gold/siver willow spinnerbait)
  • Misc
    • Reserved my place in line for a Tesla Model 3.
    • Got my Technician and General class amatuer radio operators licenses.
    • Converted from heating oil to naturual gas at home.

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